Train Accident Statistics

About every 115 minutes, a person or vehicle is hit by a train and almost half of all collisions at railroad crossings occur when automatic warning devices like flashing lights or flashing lights with gates are present and are functioning properly. Many people make the mistake of believing that if they hear an oncoming train that the train will be able to stop in time if in the worse case their car were to stall on the tracks. However, a 150-car freight train traveling 50 miles per hour will take over a mile to stop!

Obviously, a 3000 pound car being hit by a train weighing several hundred tons meet usually end in tragedy. According to the US DOT there are about 5,800 vehicle train crashes each year in the United States, most of which occur at Railroad crossings. These accidents cause 600 deaths and injure about 2,300. More than 50% of all deadly accidents happen at crossings with passive or inadequate safety devices (often none at all!). In the day time, about 75% of car – train collisions involve the train hitting the car, and at night about 50% of the time the car runs into the train at an inadequately marked crossing. The lesson here is to drive safe and expect the unexpected at train crossings!

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Rail accidents and/or incidents include the following scenarios:

  • Derailment
  • Train-train collisions
  • Train-car collisions
  • Train-person collisions
  • Damage to property

Approximately 1,000 people die in train accidents every year. Further, United States train and railroad accident statistics estimate that almost every 2 weeks a train derailment leads to a chemical spill. Some of these spills are so serious that require the evacuation of local residents. The occurrence and frequency of train accidents has been escalating since 1997.

Aside from being extremely tragic and devastating, train and railroad accidents can be very complex and difficult for the victims. That is why your best option following a train wreck or railroad accident is to seek legal counsel from an experienced attorney. This can help you recover well-deserved damages in the midst of all the pain and suffering endured.

Here are some other train accident statistics:

  • Every 90 minutes there is a train collision or derailment.
  • A train carrying hazardous cargo derails approximately every 2 weeks in the United States.
  • Railroads are for the most part self-regulated and do come under the close watch of the federal government.
  • Today rail companies rely on technology that was developed over 70 years ago and very little research and improvement has been made to update these dated safety measures.
  • Local governments often have no voice over the train traffic in their area which can result in delays for local emergency responders.
  • According to the DOT’s Federal Railroad Administration, about 80% of railroad crossings do not have adequate warning devices.
  • While vehicle on train collisions have decreased in the past few years, pedestrian involved in train collisions have increased.

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